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  • Brand Matters

    Andrea Syverson

    Take Heart: Send a Brand Valentine!

    Andrea Syverson | February 12, 2015

    'Tis the season for valentines. What makes me smile in my professional life is finding companies that foster an intentional and caring attitude towards their employees all year long. Of course, I am taking for granted that these brands already show an intentional love for their customers all year long. That's certainly how they have become "Lovemarks" (to borrow Keven Roberts' term for beloved brands) in their industries: building trust, continually wooing and wowing new and existing customers and exceeding expectations.

  • Online Video Marketing Deep Dive

    Eve Grey

    Are Your Videos Champions of Your Brand?

    Eve Grey | February 03, 2014

    If you advertise in an ordinary way, it's safe to expect ordinary results. However, when you take the extreme and it doesn't work, then what do you do? Answer: Consider your branding checklist! Video production is nothing short of being an ambassador of your brand's strategy. Video, just like with your other advertising tools, is something that has to be maintained regularly. Most times when a campaign has failed, it's because of confusion with your brand.

  • Write Direction

    Six Copywriting Tips for Writing Video Content

    February 16, 2015

    As the popularity of YouTube – as a marketing tool for business – continues to explode, it becomes increasingly important for business owners to pay close attention to the content they’re publishing online. As my friend, and YouTube authority, James Wedmore, explains to business professionals and entrepreneurs, “video is not about going viral.” It’s not […]

  • Copyblogger

    How an Email Newsletter Publisher Built an Audience of 223,991 Subscribers

    February 19, 2015

    Brian and I have been talking about his new curation-based email newsletter lately, and I thought it’d be interesting to have a similar conversation with someone in a completely different topical market. It’s about one person writing and curating a topic he knows and cares about, building a massive email audience over a period of Read More... The post How an Email Newsletter Publisher Built an Audience of 223,991 Subscribers appeared first on Copyblogger.