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  • Marketing Nuggets

    Michael Lowenstein

    When Viral Marketing Goes Too Far

    Michael Lowenstein | August 12, 2014

    A couple of years ago, our local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ran a disturbing story about how a mortgage loan company in Phoenix had sent spam advertising messages which appeared on the screens of thousands of wireless phone customers. Not only were the messages not requested, but these customers had to pay to retrieve them.

  • MineThatData

    Feedback Loops

    August 13, 2014

    You cannot observe a feedback loop when measuring conversion rates.We continue to hear how foot traffic is down in retail stores.Here's the challenge, folks. Something changed in the 2010 - 2011 timeframe. Industry experts might posit that the Great Recession "changed everything". I don't subscribe to that theory.If you worked in retail from 2000 - 2009, you know that retailers did not have direct response smarts. Nope. Well, I take that back. If you were a J. Crew and you possessed strong catalog marketing skills and possessed a direct marketing infrastructure, you had smarts. Everybody else? Not so much.In the

  • Big Data, Small Data, Clean Data, Messy Data

    Stephen  H. Yu

    Beyond RFM Data

    Stephen H. Yu | August 14, 2014

    In the world of predictive analytics, the transaction data is the king of the hill. The master of the domain. The protector of the realm. Why? Because they are hands-down the most powerful predictors. If I may borrow the term that my mentor coined for our cooperative venture more than a decade ago (before anyone even uttered the word "Big Data"), "The past behavior is the best predictor of the future behavior." Indeed. Back then, we had built a platform that nowadays could easily have qualified as Big Data. The platform predicted people's future behaviors on a massive scale, and