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  • Marketing Nuggets

    Michael Lowenstein

    Marketing Success Is (Almost) All About the Data: Optimizing Customer Loyalty Behavior Initiatives

    Michael Lowenstein | October 07, 2014

    Much of what I've learned over the years about sales, marketing and customer service has to do with the critical importance of customer data, and how those data are converted to actionable insights. It's how companies generate the right customer data, manage and share data the right way, and use it at the right time. It's also how they use data to the best effect, to optimize loyalty and profitability, that makes them successful, or not, on an individual customer basis. Culture, leadership, and systems will facilitate effective information gathering, storage and application; and, CRM, CEM, ERP, or other acronyms notwithstanding, it's

  • MineThatData

    The Co-Op Feedback Loop - One Final Time

    February 22, 2015

    It's the story of 2015 among catalogers."Our housefile performance is reasonable, but our co-op customer acquisition efforts are bad. Really bad. And nobody in the vendor community seems to care."This guy cares (click here).I've been asked by clients to visit the co-ops, to help the client get the productivity needed to move the catalog needle once again. I've been told that when clients talk to the co-ops, with the notable exception of Wiland (keep that in mind), they get nowhere, even when they demonstrate that co-op productivity is down 10% to 30% vs. 2013, and 2013 was frequently down vs.

  • Big Data, Small Data, Clean Data, Messy Data

    Stephen  H. Yu

    How to Be a Good Data Scientist

    Stephen H. Yu | January 15, 2015

    I guess no one wants to be a plain "Analyst" anymore; now "Data Scientist" is the title of the day. Then again, I never thought that there was anything wrong with titles like "Secretary," "Stewardess" or "Janitor," either. But somehow, someone decided "Administrative Assistant" should replace "Secretary" completely, and that someone was very successful in that endeavor. So much so that, people actually get offended when they are called "Secretaries." The same goes for "Flight Attendants." If you want an extra bag of peanuts or the whole can of soda with ice on the side, do not dare to call