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  • Direct Mail for the Modern Marketer

    Summer Gould

    Direct Mail: Data Makes All the Difference

    Summer Gould | April 14, 2015

    The draw of the latest marketing trends pulls at us all. Many companies have integrated their direct mail with technologies like QR Codes, NFC and augmented reality, but many are missing the point with direct mail. The power of direct mail is the ability to reach the right person with the right offer to drive their response. Yes, technology can make the responses quicker and easier, but if you are not taking into consideration the person you are sending too, you may be throwing money away.

  • Marketing Sustainably

    Chet Dalzell

    Premium Employment: Half the U.S. Workplace Relies on Data

    Chet Dalzell | April 13, 2015

    Last month, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a report titled "The Importance of Data Occupations in the U.S. Economy." It's a fascinating read. The report found that data plays a central role in 7.8 percent of all employment (That's 10.3 million jobs)—and more than 50 percent of all jobs involve working with data as a central component of the position

  • Post & Parcel

    Sovex targets North American market with new US sales office

    April 17, 2015

    Wirral-based Sovex, which specialises in conveyor systems, is launching a new operation in the United States to target its multi-billion dollar e-commerce and parcel handling markets.

  • Dead Tree Edition

    Why Letter Carriers Are Not an Endangered Species

    April 20, 2015

    “Mail carrier” was recently named as one of the 10 worst careers in the U.S., largely because of a supposedly bleak employment outlook. “Hiring of mail carriers has been on a steady decline with the proliferation of email and text messaging,” CareerCast said in ranking mail carrier #191 out of 200 careers. “Of all careers tracked in the 2015 Jobs Rated Report, mail carrier has the worst