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  • Direct Mail for the Modern Marketer

    Summer Gould

    Is Every Door Direct Mail Right for You?

    Summer Gould | July 24, 2014

    Every Door Direct Mail is a service designed by the USPS to help businesses reach every address in a neighborhood. With a simplified form of addressing that does not require an actual list of addresses, this is meant to make mailing easier and cheaper for individuals at a company

  • Marketing Sustainably

    Chet Dalzell

    The Mailboxes of My Memory

    Chet Dalzell | July 21, 2014

    In my life, I've had a lot of mailboxes. My current box (New York, N.Y.) is part of an apartment building cluster box—and one that proudly holds about four to five days' worth of mail, including magazines and catalogs. I can run off for a day or two and the incoming mail safely, securely collects there without my having to fill out a "hold mail" card at the local Murray Hill post office

  • Post & Parcel

    FedEx could face $1.6bn fine over illegal drug shipping charges

    July 18, 2014

    FedEx Corp is facing charges from the US government for its transportation role in the sale of illegal prescription drugs in the United States.

  • Dead Tree Edition

    FedEx Cries Foul Over Postal Service Price Cuts

    July 19, 2014

    Poor FedEx.The market for delivering items purchased on the Web is growing, but the U.S. Postal Service isn’t playing fair, FedEx complained this week. The big delivery company is trying to stop USPS from cutting prices to deliver certain types of packages.For the record, FedEx stock is worth north of $43 billion. USPS is consistently unprofitable and basically insolvent.“What USPS is proposing is an aggressive push to gain market share in the fast-growing business of e-commerce distribution services,” FedEx told the Postal Regulatory Commission. “To this end, USPS is proposing reductions of 30 to 55 percent in prices for commercial