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  • Think Mobility

    Greg Hickman

    ‘I Can't Because, I Need ... ’

    Greg Hickman | October 07, 2013

    Does this sound like you? Have you ever set up a goal, but then realized (either quickly or too late) that it wasn't possible due to some other dependency? This dependency could be outdated technology, lack of the "right" resource or an immovable deliverable date. Well, this is just reality.

  • Mobile Marketing Watch

    Ditch Digital? One Banker Bets His Bottom Dollar on Old-Fashioned Idea

    September 05, 2014

    There’s an interesting commentary by Kevin Tynan recently published on the American Banker website. In his essay, “Banks Have a Case of Digital Marketing Myopia,” Tynan, who is senior vice president of marketing at Liberty Bank for Savings in Chicago, argues that the rush to digital marketing might not be good for banks. “The rush […]

  • Jeff Hasen

    Notes From A Mobilized Marketer - 6 Clicks To Make A Reservation? See Ya

    August 02, 2014

    More than half of the higher-end hotels require 6 clicks or more for consumers to make reservation via the mobile web, according to digital think tank L2. I would be gone after 3 and never return. You?Only 3% of retailers today that have technology that can identify customers when they walk in the door, according to Boston Retail Partners. But 75% say that they plan to implement this technology within the next five years.31% of advertisers put 21%+ of 2013 budgets to mobile, Nielsen reported.I saw a tweet about USB thumb drives. Talk about something indispensable then, not needed now.

  • Mobile-First Marketing

    Greg Hoy

    Zeroing in on Your Consumers With Geo-Marketing

    Greg Hoy | September 10, 2014

    Mobile geo-marketing is growing at a rapid rate. This growth is driven by applications such as navigation, local search and social networking, as well as the public's understanding of location-based marketing. With the increasing comfort level of sharing location data, brands are turning to location-based marketing to tap into consumers' behavior to deliver more timely, personalized mobile experiences