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  • Think Mobility

    Greg Hickman

    ‘I Can't Because, I Need ... ’

    Greg Hickman | October 07, 2013

    Does this sound like you? Have you ever set up a goal, but then realized (either quickly or too late) that it wasn't possible due to some other dependency? This dependency could be outdated technology, lack of the "right" resource or an immovable deliverable date. Well, this is just reality.

  • Mobile Marketing Watch

    Should Mobile Marketers Start Thinking More Seriously About 3D?

    April 16, 2014

    If 3D is the next big thing in smartphones, should mobile marketers begin thinking about this technology and how it may be harnessed? Although it’s important to not let the imagination run completely wild about this prospect, it’s difficult to keep the mind from wondering this week as speculation emerges that Amazon is about to […]

  • Jeff Hasen

    Notes From A Mobilized Marketer - Focusing On the Unfocused Two-Year-Olds

    April 13, 2014

    Thirty-eight percent of toddlers 2 or under are using a smartphone or tablet, according to Common Sense Media. Try doing a “focus” group with this crowd.Declaring jet lag “fundamentally a math problem,” researchers say they have devised a mobile app to overcome it. Entrain tells you when to get more exposure to light and when not to do so. I use the old-fashioned method – I have three dogs to tell me when to open my eyes. They never forget.The American smartphone user spends 30 minutes a day updating social networks.The spend on location-targeted mobile ads is expected to increase