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  • Think Mobility

    Greg Hickman

    ‘I Can't Because, I Need ... ’

    Greg Hickman | October 07, 2013

    Does this sound like you? Have you ever set up a goal, but then realized (either quickly or too late) that it wasn't possible due to some other dependency? This dependency could be outdated technology, lack of the "right" resource or an immovable deliverable date. Well, this is just reality.

  • Mobile Marketing Watch

    Get a Room! The Next Big Thing for Mobile is About to ‘Check In’

    July 29, 2014

    Get ready for a major upgrade at a future Hilton hotel stay. Beginning next year, guests can kiss the hotel’s front desk goodbye. The check-in process once a staple of the hotel experience will soon be relegated to the trash bin of history. Soon, all you will need is your smartphone to access a room […]

  • Jeff Hasen

    Notes From A Mobilized Marketer - Why Giving Your Spouse A Certain Fitness Band Can Get You In Trouble

    July 20, 2014

    A fitness band "that publicly shames the slacking user", huh? Here's my advice - don't give the Pavlok to your spouse or significant other.A New York ice cream shop sees 5% of sales via mobile payments. And growth isn’t dripping in.A study finds that half of Verizon customers are paying more than $100 a month with 14% above $200.The first Instagram photo, posted four years ago this month, was of a happy dog. Then the service got legs.Meanwhile, the inspiration for Pinterest was a collection of bugs.eBay says that it sells 12,000-15,000 autos per week via mobile.8:06 AM is when