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  • Reinventing Direct

    Gary Hennerberg

    Are Autoresponders Killing Email Marketing?

    Gary Hennerberg | April 16, 2014

    Two events in the same week have triggered an email unsubscribe flurry on my behalf. First, a change in my spam provider is permitting more unwanted emails than to usual leak through. And second, a conversation with a long-time colleague and regular reader of my blog, where she wondered if marketing automation software is being abused to a point where we're drowning

  • Get Elastic E-commerce

    Gain Competitive Advantage with Attribution: Predictions from Adobe Summit

    April 16, 2014

    A key takeaway from this year’s Adobe Summit is that if your business can capitalize on things that are out in the marketplace right now – sensors, mobile, social, wearables – you will be able to establish an immense competitive advantage and potentially radically shift your business model into something you may not even have [...]

  • Oneupweb Digital Marketing Blog

    5 Tips for Better Business Blogging

    April 16, 2014

    Does your business have a blog? Is it driving new traffic to your website? Is it being used to speak to industry news or trends that are meaningful to your customer base? Blogging can be a potent tool for attracting new visitors to your company website. It can also deepen engagement with existing customers, develop […]The post 5 Tips for Better Business Blogging appeared first on Oneupweb.

  • Here's What Counts

    Chuck McLeester

    What Are You Measuring and Why?

    Chuck McLeester | April 09, 2014

    An account manager working on a pharmaceutical brand once asked me, "How should we code the various opt-in vehicles to track how many patients opt-in from each?" My question back was, "Why do you want to know? What decision does it drive? You're not going to eliminate any opt-in vehicles because you want to give the patients the opportunity to opt-in at every available touchpoint." The manager replied, "Well, don't you think that would be nice to know?"