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  • IMM-Possible ROI

    Stephanie Miller

    3 IMM Trends to Watch in 2015

    Stephanie Miller | January 13, 2015

    Happy New Year! As we look ahead this year with confidence in our ability to reach those aggressive goals and objectives, it seems that all the great marketing will be done by organizations who are customer-centric, nimble across channels, purposeful in messaging and timing, well-organized and collaborative and, perhaps as an underlying imperative to all of those … in control of their technology. CRM and Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) are core areas of marketing technology investment and opportunity for all of us. I summarize the (near) future of IMM with three words: Data, content and automation.

  • Reinventing Direct

    Gary Hennerberg

    5 Positioning Ideas When Leading With Price

    Gary Hennerberg | January 21, 2015

    What works best? Selling product benefits, then revealing the price? Or revealing the price, followed by selling benefits? There are rarely absolute answers, and statistically valid A/B testing in a direct marketing environment will give you the answer that works for your situation. Still, findings of a new study suggest five ways for direct marketers to reveal price

  • Get Elastic E-commerce

    The State of Mobile Commerce [Infographic]

    January 30, 2015

    This week’s infographic looks at the state of mobile commerce, created by Invesp Consulting. Tweetables Mobile now accounts for 19% of all US retail ecommerce sales, 27% expected by 2018 Tweet this This year’s US tablet commerce expected to reach $52B, smartphone $22B Tweet this Average desktop conversion %=2.06% vs tablet 1.54%, smartphone 0.55% Tweet […]

  • Oneupweb Digital Marketing Blog

    Google Event Success

    January 29, 2015

    After all the excitement surrounding the Google event last night, it was here and gone in the blink of an eye. But with over 50 in attendance, what a success it was! Google approached us a couple months ago to co-host an event with them called “Let’s Put Traverse City on the Map.” The goal...Read More > The post Google Event Success appeared first on Oneupweb.

  • Here's What Counts

    Chuck McLeester

    How Big Is Your Halo? 3 Ways to Measure the Branding Effect of Your Direct Promotions

    Chuck McLeester | January 29, 2015

    Direct marketers take pride in accountability. But as I've said before, they can be their own worst enemies when it comes to measurement. They're good at measuring things that are easy to count—clicks, page views, response rates, cost per lead, etc. But they struggle with measuring the long-term or cumulative effects that the branding in their promotions has on current and future sales—people who buy, but not as a result of a specific promotion, the so-called halo effect.

  • Muscle Marketing

    Wendy Montes de Oca

    Converting Your Social Media Triple-Fs: Friends, Followers and Fans

    Wendy Montes de Oca | December 16, 2014

    I've heard many gurus, marketers and publishers brag about their social media followers. They'll say things like, "Isn't it great … I've got 10,000 fans on Facebook" or "I have more than 15,000 followers on Twitter." Then I'll ask them how many free e-newsletter subscribers they have. And they'll reply, "I haven't had time to build a list yet. I don't have an e-newsletter."