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  • Making Social Sell

    Jeff Molander

    Google Authorship Image Not Showing? Here's What to Do Next.

    Jeff Molander | July 25, 2014

    Are your Google Authorship images not showing in search results? Are you seeing a drop in site visitor traffic or leads? Google recently pulled the plug. The results are in: Lower traffic for some social sellers, while others aren't much affected. So what should you do?

  • Social Media Examiner

    Facebook Save Feature: This Week in Social Media

    July 26, 2014

    Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? Facebook Introduces Save Feature: “Now you can save items that you find on Facebook to check out later [...]This post Facebook Save Feature: This Week in Social Media first appeared on Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

  • BrandSavant

    Was Facebook's Experiment Merely A/B Testing?

    July 02, 2014

    I've had a lively and intelligent debate with my friend Shel Holtz via email about Facebook's recent feed experiments, as published in the most recent PNAS. To recap what Facebook did, they experimented on the feeds of approximately 700,00 users to adjust the emotional content of their news feeds. With one group, negative emotions were largely removed from their stream, and with another, positive emotions were removed. The net effect was that for users who largely saw only negative content, their own updates became more negative (and vice-versa). In other words, in the language of the study, the emotional content