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  • Making Social Sell

    Jeff Molander

    LinkedIn Profile Makeover for Sellers

    Jeff Molander | April 18, 2014

    Are you appealing to emotional and tangible desires of buyers on your LinkedIn profile—in ways they cannot resist acting on? Reinsurance broker, Paul Dzielinski is. That's how he's enticing prospects to talk about buying his products. Dzielinski is generating leads with his LinkedIn profile using a system to get the job done faster. Once again, the process is rooted in traditional direct response copywriting. There are three components.

  • Social Media Examiner

    5 Instagram Tools to Better Manage Your Marketing

    April 22, 2014

    Is your business using Instagram? Do you need better tools? Many marketers haven’t adopted Instagram because it doesn’t offer the right tools to help them use it effectively. Here are five Instagram tools to help you become more efficient with Instagram. Why Instagram? Instagram is a rapidly growing photo and video sharing platform with more [...]This post 5 Instagram Tools to Better Manage Your Marketing first appeared on Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

  • BrandSavant

    Sharing Is Not (Necessarily) Caring

    April 15, 2014

    I got the chance last week to speak in front of a large crowd of people in the Internet radio space last week (including our friends and clients at Pandora, Spotify and other players in the space) on the subject of sharing. I showed some new data from The Infinite Dial 2014 on song sharing behaviors, and talked about how to encourage those behaviors, and with them, usage and awareness of the various online audio services.I've written here before about what curation really is, and I think this 18-minute talk distills my thinking on the topic nicely. Yes, it's a