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  • Making Social Sell

    Jeff Molander

    Why You Aren't Getting Appointments on LinkedIn

    Jeff Molander | October 17, 2014

    Ninety-five percent of sales reps using LinkedIn are getting few—if any—appointments. They're using premium services, Sales Navigator, sending InMail, joining groups, spiffing up their profiles. And yet they're chronically underperforming. All because they're making three easily correctable mistakes when firing up their Web browsers each day.

  • Social Media Examiner

    Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

    October 07, 2014

    Looking for proven ways to improve your social media marketing? Wondering what resources you should read to boost your social efforts? We’ve compiled a list of our top ten articles from the recent past, each focused on a different social network. You’ll discover proven techniques to get your marketing on the fast-track to success. Why [...]This post Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing first appeared on Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

  • BrandSavant

    A Fantastic Customer Service Question

    September 30, 2014

    A short note today--my client plate runneth over lately--but I took a one-question survey last night that was SO good, I had to share it. I called Delta to change a flight, and just before I was connected with the customer service rep, the Phone-O-Matic 3000 that answered my call asked me if I wanted to take a one-question survey at the end of the interaction.Since I am lonely, I said "yes," of course. I then proceeded to have a superb interaction with the Delta rep, who was friendly, helpful, empowered, and keen to speed me on my way with